Why didn't we think of this? 

In the flourishing cannabis industry, where people are rushing to capitalize on the green rush that’s taking place, one little girl decided she too could capture the stoner market and take some of their hard-earned money. While selling cookies for her Girl Scout troop, the little entrepreneur realized that if she wanted to make it in life, she couldn’t follow the pack by simply tapping into the social circle of her parents’ friends to sell a few boxes. No, if she was going to pay for horse camp in the summer, she would need to exploit hungry stoners.

Along with her aunt, the girl scout set up shop outside of the Portland dispensary, Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary, with a sign that reads “satisfy your munchies.” 

Like moths to a flame, dispensary customers couldn’t hold back, and immediately started buying up boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas like they were going out of style.

"It seems like people are happy we're here," said the girl scout’s aunt.

Yup, all of the people except for the Girl Scouts of America organization. While the business duo wasn’t breaking any laws, a spokesperson for the organization said that they "recommend that if a minor cannot enter a premises unaccompanied, she should not sell Girl Scout Cookies in front of the premises."

The girl scout, who didn’t want her name published, looked to sell around 35 boxes outside of the store. Not only did she accomplish that goal, but she was selling significantly more. Go figure.

Let this be a lesson to all entrepreneurs in the world: when you’re confronted with a problem or issue, look at it from a different angle. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as fulfilling a stoner’s dreams.