Be proud of who you are and what you do …

Ahhh, you did it again didn't you, you dirty son of a bitch? Stop trying to lie about it, you know you're terrible at that. … You peed in the shower this morning, just like always. Admit it.

Don't worry about it, according to HuffPo, some 61 percent of Americans admit to peeing in the shower. And according to us, that means roughly 39 percent of those polled aren't at all telling the truth.

Besides, it's proven to be healthy for you, oddly enough. Urine is sterile, which means it fights known bacteria issues like athlete's foot and odor. Yes, like, directly pissing on your feet in the shower makes you a better person. What a time to be alive.

In addition, I Fucking Love Science brought about another benefit to heeding nature's call while freshening up. It turns out, peeing in the shower saves at least one toilet flush. As it stands, piss doesn't really need a ton of extra water to get down the drain as is, which is an egregious waste of a valuable resource just to get it out of the house.

If you're saving a flush a day, for a full year, you're saving some 579 gallons. That isn't a huge effect on the planet at large, but multiplied by everyone in the country, we're looking upwards of 180 billion gallons of clean water conserved and used elsewhere each year. 

With that information, we can't help but feel good about our life's choices in the morning. Be proud of your morning routine.