Bootstrap Brewing Company
Niwot, Colo.

Since: 2012
Fan Favorites: Lush Puppy (Juicy IPA), Sticks (Pale Ale), Chillax (Golden Ale w/ pineapple)
Founders: Leslie and Steve Kaczeus
Label Artist: Nate Dyer (IG: @moxiesozo)

Bootstrap Brewing’s founders Leslie and Steve Kaczeus admit they love to “rock out” and enjoy the best beers possible while doing so. It’s why they dropped their lame suit gigs to become brewers in 2012. And that classic rock, free spirit wheelin’ and dealin’ lifestyle of theirs needed to be represented on their cans. So they hired Moxie Sozo, a design agency with one of the most revered brand artists in town, Nate Dyer. Together they deliver trippy artwork on the sides of their favorite recipes with so much detail, so many overlooked gems — like a hidden cowbell on one — it’s hard to look away.