Walk with us through the alleyways of RiNo’s art district, a powerful statement about the resilience of street art’s revered imprint on the city.

In the midst of an inevitable face-lift around one of Denver’s oldest areas sits an aging, worn out house juxtaposed to its neighboring developments. It’s one of the few standing buildings that have existed in (what’s now known as) RiNo for longer than most of its new residents have been alive. The lot is worth an incredible amount of money, but the owners are resolute in their position to stay: They’d rather have it stick around awhile and be a part of the growing art district that helps keep Denver’s street identity intact.

The project is part of an annual festival known as Colorado Crush — held each year since its inception in 2010 by Robin Munro in a lot near 27th and Larimer St. Artist and curator Jon Lamb, his team of creatives, and the collective/print shop Like Minded Productions, organize the event to not only legitimize the artistry of mural painting, but to liven up the district and grow it into a photo-friendly tourist destination. Each year, artists from around the world join respected locals to spray, brush and roll culture onto bare city canvases. Colorado Crush happens once again this Sept 17-18, 2016.

photos by: Mike Kvackay, Jon Lamb and steadyjenny