It’s a typical weekend afternoon and you’re driving down a lonely stretch of highway listening to GRiZ’s new album, Good Will Prevail, with nary another car in sight. Then it hits you: I want to get hiiiigh. So you pull over, park the whip in a Walmart parking lot and toss the keys in a safe spot (you’re not gonna need those the rest of the day anyway). While rolling a phat cone full of GRiZ Kush to spark the day away, you find yourself comfortably ducked behind native brush waiting for Lyft. And then?

And then!?

You’re thirsty, so very thirsty. The lauded Detroit producer has got you this far; what will he do next?

He’s got you.

“I wanted to help create a beer that was easy to drink and delicious,” says Grant Kwiecinsk about his new collaboration with Great Divide Brewing. “A beer you could bust out while watching a beautiful sunset and it would really fit the vibe. Great Divide understood that vision and was the perfect partner for Chasing The Golden Hour Ale.”

In GRiZ fashion, he’s partnered with one of the most respected breweries in Colorado just in time for a string of shows he and his team have been working their asses off to produce.

And this isn’t just a brew that’s been sitting in a closet somewhere waiting for a label to slap on it, either. He was a pivotal part of the entire operation, even donning a Bill Nye the Science Guy type of a look to ride the process. He chose, and helped create, what the team is calling “Chasing the Golden Hour” — a heavy 7.3 percent ABV brewed with fresh Colorado peaches and Great Divide’s four yeast Colette blend.

“We don’t make beer for people to drink in glass boxes, we make great beer for people to share with friends and build community,” said Shannon Berner, marketing manager at Great Divide Brewing. “This collaboration is a way to showcase our beer and GRiZ’s music together in an engaging way that resonates with our current fans while hopefully reaching some new ones.”

Want to get your hands on it? This morning (Aug 30), Chasing the Golden Hour will start pouring at the Great Divide Tap Room and Barrel Bar for a quick pint or three. Along with that location, Gothic Theatre, Larimer Lounge and Ogden Theatre (where GRiZ will be performing a band “rehersal” before his sold out shows at Red Rocks on Sept 1 and 2) all have it and are willing to share.

Isn’t life Grant?

[All photos: Jason Siegel]