What do you get something that has it all?

At 139 years old, Colorado has seen some things … man. But what do you get something that has it all? Peace? Love? Unity? An actual, real life extra lane on HWY 36 that isn’t a failing cash-grab dressed up as a not-so-subtle scam?

A font?

Boulder based designer Monte Mitchell designed a font he calls “Centennial” just a few short years ago when Colorado turned 137. It’s a design that follows the dimensions of Colorado and holds true to the corresponding geographical ratio. Maybe we’re re-gifting at this point, considering the font itself is a few years old, but much like our real life romances, we didn’t remember its birthday was today until a Facebook posting popped up this morning. It’s the thought that counts …

According to his website it was:

“Inspired by handset mining typography that brought Colorado to life during the Gold Rush. Centennial celebrates everything contained within Colorado’s rectangular shape…The letters are based off the width and height of the State’s boundaries. Letterforms with angles match that of a diagonal, drawn from one corner to the other of the state. Centennial is Colorado bound. By Colorado, for Colorado.”

Usually fonts make us uncomfortable, but some of the proceeds from the sale of his design are donated back to school classrooms in need through DonorsChoose.org — so Centennial gets a pass. It’s on a pay what you want scale, which basically means: “Pony up Scrooge, Santa’s watching.”

Follow the links to get to Mitchell’s site and to download the font. Happy birthday, Colorado, you old dog you!