Put breathing to good use by clearing away a stuffy nose.

Wonderful … the winter months are at an end and we’re now embedded in another spring season ripe with bustling life and endless possibilities. But it wouldn’t be fitting for us to just take the awe-inspiring beauty and run with it, neigh. Because finding the muck in all of the linings is what we do best. So let’s complain.

Springtime absolutely destroys our nasal passages. The pollutants, weeds, grass, pollen, floral-scented perfumes, Greeley — they all wreak havoc on our most trusted sense. Often we’re going through life, clogged, clueless and like a fiend without a stash — snorting around profusely while fearful children look away in disgust. It’s our burden to bear …

But if you know how to breathe, you know how to clear away that debilitating funk in under a minute. The tactic looks a little strange on paper, but we assure you after a few trials of our own we can say the following health hack works surprisingly well.

The procedure is taken from the Buteyko Breathing Technique, a form of alternative physical therapy. While studies and findings are all across the board on whether or not the Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko and his methods are legit in capacity, people still do use the following trick to easily clear away stuck phlegm.

Read the simple instructions here or watch the video below from a man with a far better accent than anyone that has ever walked the planet.

1. Sit up straight on a chair or other ass apparatus.

2. Breathe out through your nose (always keep your mouth closed through the entire process or it won’t work)

3. Hold your breath by pinching your nose

4. Nod your head back and forth, I said nod, nod your head back and forth

5. Keep up this hip-hop head-nod, nose pinched maneuver until there’s a slight discomfort

6. Let go and take a semi-satisfying breath in through the nose — still keeping the mouth closed

7. Continue taking deep breaths through your nose for instant nasal-clearing satisfaction