Wanna daydream about all the terrible things you'd do to eradicate your crippling debt? 

If a college degree guaranteed a job, it'd definitely be worth the investment. But nowadays, it's just a $60,000 placemat that reminds you where the last four years of your life went. 

Personal finance site MyBankTracker recently ran a survey that asked its users – median age, 32; average student debt balance, $34,500 — a series of questions to assess just far they’d go to get rid of their student loans. The rules were "yes" or "no" answers only, and it was assumed the activity in question would pay off an entire outstanding debt load.

Man, people are desperate. 

Think about that one for a minute — people would rather get rid of their privacy and a body part than haul around their debt from school. God, that's depressing. Thanks, private education system!

Most people drew the line at joining the military, but a good whack of folks would still rather take a bullet than pay off their college.