The worst airline in the nation pulling in exorbitant amounts of cash … makes sense …

If you've flown before, you've likely used a few choice words when clicking through reservations. Fees after fees pile up, and before you know it, a $500 quick weekend to Vegas turns into a solid 8-hundo. Extra charges put a massive dent into an otherwise affordable jaunt.

Just how much though? Hundreds of millions, it appears — $220 million to be exact for just one airline, Frontier, according to Bureau of Transportation Services data released this week.

This is the same airline that ranks dead last in customer satisfaction too — a company that sees complaints from clients some 34 times more than other carriers.

Net income for the airline also climbed to its highest annual level in more than 15 years, due mostly to the facts that airline travel is up and the restructuring process it went through earlier, canning 1,160 jobs in Denver and closing a site in Wisconsin. 

So to recap, we have the worst airline in the nation pulling in horrendously large amounts of money for being shitty, canning jobs and having customers pay for bags when the room for them to be there is available whether you pay for it or not.

We're in the wrong line of work …