Songs about weed taken directly from our inbox submission for this, the most hallowed of weekends …

As one of the world’s foremost destinations for everything about anything, we get plenty of interesting emails running through our inboxes on a minute-to-minute basis. A lot of those submissions pertain to nothing other than weed. Or rather, music about weed … to be more specific.

So we’ve taken five of our favorite submissions and compiled them into one neat little package for everyone to enjoy on this 4/20. We feel there’s something for everyone: Some popular, some new, some strange and some well … some are just something that only a stoner will love, and that’s ok.

Equal Opportunity Grooves Feat. Na'an Stop – "The Time Is Right (4:20)" 

Freddie Gz – “So Throwed”

Buddy Plant – “Puff Puff Pass”

Rey Resurreccion – “High With Me”

Tech N9ne feat. B.o.B, Ces Cru, Krizz Kaliko, Mayday, Rittz & Stevie Stone – "Colorado"

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