Ever wondered what the worst song ever made is? Please refer to Hillary Clinton's campaign playlist to find out.

Here at Rooster, we remain politically ambiguous during campaign season. We'd never offer a biased opinion on a candidate (unless it's Mike Huckabee, that dick) because frankly, it's not our bag. We have the utmost confidence that you'll figure out your own opinions and alliances for yourself. That being said, you don't have to have taken sides in 2016's Presidential candidate battle to understand the meaning of truly shitty music.

Enter Hillary Clinton’s newly released official presidential campaign soundtrack, which her people just dropped on ~Spotify~ because she's sOoOo connected to the pulse of the youth. The soundtrack is pretty … well … let's just say she managed to select about 15 of the worst songs ever made and compile them into a handy list for your personal reference and disdain. The ungodly mix of girl power jams and classics like J.Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud” sounds more like the background music in a Dallas airport gift shop than anything else and it's overwhelmingly obvious that she opted not to showcase her husband Bill's love for the sax anywhere on it. A missed opportunity no doubt, that man is sexual.

Of course, there's a perfectly good reason why Hillary's soundtrack is devoid of human trace: everyone knows she is an icy cyborg and icy cyborgs don't jam out to their favorite neo-shoegaze post-synth act, they methodically head-bop to songs that fit a desired theme. As such, her soundtrack reads like she selected the songs not for their musical qualities, but more so for the words in their titles. The playlist is full of fierce words like "fight," "roar" and "Kelly Clarkson," (to insinuate victory, rawr) but is also chock-full of true blue 'Merican linguistic gems like "American" and "believer."

It's also no mistake that she included both Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony … Girl's trying to pander to an audience that understands what these songs are saying better than she does, ¿no?

And, judging from the song quality on the rest of her playlist, … this could really be her Howard Dean Scream moment. Scroll down to see what else is getting Hillary's blood pumping … if you dare.

1. American Authors "Believer"

2. Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder, “The Fighter"

3. Katy Perry "Roar"

4. Ariana Grande feat. Zedd, “Break Free”

5. Kelly Clarkson, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”

6. American Authors (ON HERE TWICE JUST TO TORTURE YOU), “Best Day of My Life”

7. Pharrell Williams, “Happy”

8. Jennifer Lopez, “Let’s Get Loud”

9. Jon Bon Jovi, “Beautiful Day”

10. Marc Anthony, “Vivir Mi Vida”

Listen to the whole playlist below if you enjoy self-flagellation and agony: