For the better part of a decade, Grieves has been putting pen to paper as an emcee for Rhymesayers Entertainment. You too can live large like he does if you abide by his steps on, as he says, “becoming a broke-ass rapper.”

Buy a Wu-Tang Record

“That’s step number one, followed closely by step # 2: understand that you are not Wu-Tang. [laughs] Imitation is flattery, but hip-hop is this bravado, machismo thing. Most of the time, when you hear someone’s first rap song, they’re rapping about how dope they are. Like, look I get it, you got a Wu-Tang record. You’re just replicating what you heard. Wu-Tang did that awesome, you on the other hand, do not.”

Find Yourself

“People have trouble finding the authentic them, and who they are as an artist. It goes beyond just being a rapper, just any art. Because you taught yourself how to rap every line of “C.R.E.A.M.” does not make you Method Man. Learning strokes doesn’t make you Salvador Dali — but it doesn’t hurt to have that skill. Humility and being humble will help you find that part of you a lot of people will fall in love with, it will be the more creative part of you.”

Get Inspired

“When I sit down to write lyrics, it always happens with music. I never have been able to … I never really have sat down and say ,‘One of these days the beat’s gonna come to it and it’ll work out’ — it’s all drawn from that exact moment. To me, that’s where the authentic me comes out. When I sit at home and premeditate something, it falls short. But when it happens because it’s happening, I always hit my mark.”

“It’s an artists market, we’re in charge right now.”  – Grieves

Prove Yourself

“I don’t want to listen to you because you’re a hot dude and 16-year-old girls follow you on Instagram because you take a photo with the V-line going down to your crotch. When we were coming up, you had to prove your chops to be dope. We’re all ugly motherfuckers man, that’s why we’re making music. It’s a different hustle now though. You can have a SoundCloud song build your whole career. I don’t understand it, I busted my ass just to get my 40,000 followers and I’m in my mid-30s!”

“If I had to be honest with it: spend time on your craft, make dope shit, be humble and move forward and make the right moves. But if you’re a good looking dude, who’s got the V-line, fuck it, use it to your advantage too I guess.” – Grieves

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Sep 04    Constellation Room    Santa Ana, CA              
Sep 05    Club Congress    Tucson, AZ         
Sep 06    Club Red    Mesa, AZ         
Sep 08    In The Venue    Salt Lake City, UT    
Sep 09    Bluebird Theatre    Denver, CO         
Sep 10    Bluebird Theatre    Denver, CO         

Sep 11    Animas City Theatre    Durango, CO              
Sep 12    Launchpad    Albuquerque, NM         
Sep 13    Tricky Falls Theater    El Paso, TX         
Sep 14    Antone's    Austin, TX         
Sep 15    Club Dada    Dallas, TX         
Sep 16    The Bronze Peacock at House of Blues Houston    Houston, TX    
Sep 18    House of Blues New Orleans    New Orleans, LA         
Sep 19    The Masquerade    Atlanta, GA         
Sep 20    Kings-NC    Raleigh, NC         
Sep 21    DC9 Nightclub    Washington, DC         
Sep 22    Boot and Saddle    Philadelphia, PA         
Sep 23    Knitting Factory    Brooklyn, NY         
Sep 25    Brighton Music Hall    Allston, MA         
Sep 26    La Sala Rossa    Montreal, Canada         
Sep 27    Velvet Underground    Toronto, Canada         
Sep 28    Blind Pig    Ann Arbor, MI         
Sep 29    Schubas Tavern    Chicago, IL         
Oct 04    Pub Station    Billings, MT    
Oct 06    The Bartlett    Spokane, WA         
Oct 07    The Bartlett    Spokane, WA         
Nov 03    Crocodile Cafe    Seattle, WA         
Nov 08    The Reef    Boise, ID              
Nov 09    Jub Jub's    Reno, NV         
Nov 10    The Catalyst    Santa Cruz, CA    
Nov 11    Mystic Theatre    Petaluma, CA         
Nov 12    Strummer's    Fresno, CA         
Nov 14    Velvet Jones    Santa Barbara, CA    
Nov 15    Backstage Bar & Billiards    Las Vegas, NV    
Nov 16    The Green Room    Flagstaff, AZ         
Nov 20    The Waiting Room    Papillion, NE         
Nov 21    The Firebird    St Louis, MO         
Nov 22    The Hi-Fi Indianapolis    Indianapolis, IN         
Nov 24    First Avenue    Minneapolis, MN