Go on for a second and Google "Maroon Bells Colorado" — we'll wait. … You good? Did you see how many tens of thousands of photos come up that look like they were taken from the exact same stretch of dirt?

It's because they probably were. Maroon Bells has for decades been a go-to point of interest for photography and outdoor enthusiasts alike. A little over one-hundred miles west of Denver, it's a place of great beauty, majestic offerings, and some of the most awe-inducing views in the world. 

But it comes at a price, which is what our photographer Mike Kvackay saw on his last trip there just a few short days ago. As the aspen leaves begin the transformation from dark to light, so too does the swarm of shutterbugs come to slap the reality of a growing world back into focus.

Kvackay's series titled "Leaf Peppers" shows it's crowded here, and ain't gettin' no better.

[Photos by Mike Kvackay]