AQUARIUS: This month hits the sweet spot for you where sex and romance are concerned. If partnered, your relationship is about to take off. If not, be on the lookout for a casual connection to turn into something fun. Air signs like Gemini and Libra will rock your socks off. 
PISCES: Your every sexual fantasy may come true this month, and you’re more than ready. Enjoy it because it’s been far too long. The catch is that you have to actually be present and not daydreaming your life away. Think you can handle it?

ARIES: You know those steamy fantasies you’ve been having? This month brings even more fun and excitement to the bedroom. Your partner might even consider a threesome now. If single, keep an eye on a close friend or co-worker. They’re hot for you. You can’t miss. 
TAURUS: July is not going to give you any satisfaction. Your sexual appetite runs high, but you’re in dry dock. No bouncy-bouncy, no bow-chikka-bow-bow. You might compensate by overeating, but that’s the wrong tact to try. If you can’t hack it, go home and whack it. It’ll take some of the pressure off. 
GEMINI: Love is in the air, and that’s not the only thing. Social butterfly ways pay off as you attract more offers than shit does flies. Make some sexy new friends and flirt your ass off. You don’t want commitment, only sex. It’s a no-brainer for you. A Gemini invented kink, so cash in! 
CANCER: Your seductive powers are on overload right now, and if ever there was a time for you to check into the boom-boom room, this is it. Your kinky side comes out, and there are plenty of opportunities to be sex slave to someone of your choice. Whip it good! You’ll be glad you did. 
LEO: You love great sex but bemoaning the fact that you aren’t getting any these days is a weak game and makes you look desperate. You’re a Leo, you’re better than that. Simply broaden your horizons and choose partners that aren’t your “type.” You’ll be surprised at what happens and who you attract. 
VIRGO: This month, you suddenly look at a partner or love interest in a whole new light. Where once you thought your love life was boring, it becomes exciting again. What’s different? It’s you, Virgo. Be daring and do something you never thought you would. Pay a visit to your local adult toy store.
LIBRA: Hope you like roses, because everything’s coming up that way for you. Spread your love around by bringing more interesting people into your circle. You truly never know when a simple pants-off dance-off turns into something exciting and new. 
SCORPIO: July can be summed up in two words: sexual tension. Things move far too slowly, and you’re not having it. This month, you’d do well to experiment with a speed-dating session…or a sex worker. If it’s the latter, remember: sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener.    
SAGITTARIUS: There’s fire in your heart, and in your pants. If it’s a rash, get it taken care of. If it’s just that you’re hot to trot, then this month brings you a relationship that allows you freedom and casual sex at the same time. It’s made to order for you, Sagittarius. Pretend it’s a reality show and you’re the star.
CAPRICORN: This month, stressing about your love life is so last year. Stay in bed, watch a movie, and have a nice sexting session with someone you’re more than interested in. Not everything has to be all work and no play, you know.