While many people go to land-based or online casinos in an attempt to win, how many take the time to research casino strategies before starting? The answer is ‘very few’ and this means that most of those playing are relying on luck rather than having a real grasp of what they are doing. This piece will serve as the ultimate guide to strategy for the most popular casino games.


You should begin by making sure you are playing European rather than American roulette – as the latter has two green 0 numbers on it, which increases the advantage for the casino. Once you have found a game of European roulette to play, a good strategy is to bet only the minimum that is allowed by the table – which will keep those who don’t have lots of money in the game for longer – and play just outside bets. An example of this is to bet either black or red each time, as outside roulette bets ensure that 18 of all 38 combinations available are covered and pays out 1 to 1.


Before you start playing do some research online to find out each casino slot’s payout percentages, as these be anywhere between 80 to 98 percent. Make sure you choose a game with the highest possible payout percentage and – although it may seem counter intuitive – you are actually better selecting a slot with a lower jackpot. Although you may be dazzled by the huge jackpots that some online slots promise, the larger this jackpot is, the less likely you are to hit it. Going for smaller ones that pay out more frequently will serve you better.


Blackjack is a game in which the casino automatically has an edge due to ‘double bust’. Essentially players draw first and if they bust the dealer wins, even if he or she also busts in that round. You can cut this edge to below 1 percent by following 888 casino’s ultimate blackjack strategy though – for example knowing when you should hit (ask for another card) or stand (stick with what you have). If you have a hard 8 hand then the best strategy is always to hit, but if you have a hard 17 hand you should stand. Which of these two strategies is best for each possible blackjack hand is something you should research before playing.


Looking at Texas Hold’em, make sure you remain aware of what your own position relative to that of the dealer button is while you are playing. If you are closest you are early position, if you are closes to its right you are late position and if you are placed in the middle of these you are middle position. You want to be in late position, as this means you play your hand later – with the button playing last of all. If you have a weak hand and are in early position, the best strategy is to fold, as having to go first during the game cuts down the chances of you outplaying other players. On the other hand, you can consider playing weak hands if you are in late position or the button, as going last gives you greater control over the game.

Why not try some of these basic strategies out and see if you can beat the casino.