While most of us spend the majority of our time online looking at viral cat videos and scrolling through angry Twitter threads, the internet also offers a world of infinite opportunity to make money.  There’s no disputing the fact that the internet has revolutionised the way we work.  Not only that, it has also made it a whole lot easier to make money in our spare time (Yes, gone are the days of hosting a car boot sale in your back garden to make some extra cash).   We can now post, play, buy, and sell all in the blink of an eye.  It’s now possible to capitalize on your talents, goods, or even just your time in return for money.  

We’ve compiled five of the best legitimate ways for you to make some extra cash online:

  1. Sell your own stuff.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…or something.  Clear out your wardrobes, your shoe cupboard, your bookshelf, etc. of all your unwanted stuff and post it online to sell.  You can opt for the obvious retail giants like Amazon  to do so, or you can pick a more localized site such as Craigslist.  If you know you’re a bit of a hoarder and have been meaning to do a clear out but haven’t got round to it, this can be a good option for you.  There’s no risk involved, and the chances of you selling the majority of what you post are fairly high. 
  2. Start a blog/write for money.  We’ve put these two together, as they both come with a pre-requisite that you should at least get some sort of enjoyment from writing and have an aptitude for it.  This option is perhaps not for the lazier folk who are just looking for a quick few bucks, as it actually requires a bit of effort.  Blogging is a great hobby, but to make money from it will require commitment and time.  Once you build up followers and a readership, you can make money through collaborations or sponsored posts.  If blogging isn’t your thing, but you still fancy writing, there are a lot of freelance writing gigs you can take on.   Try websites like Upwork and Blogging Pro for ad-hoc projects.
  3. Fill out surveys. Yes, there are literally research companies out there who will pay you to complete their surveys.  You’re never going to make mega bucks doing it, but it can be a ridiculously easy way to earn some extra money with effort levels skimming around the ‘zero’ region.  Some of the most popular sites are Swagbucks, One Poll or Crowdology. If you’re committed, earnings will be on average £40 a month.  
  4. Play games! Fancy yourself as a slot machine pro? Nowadays, online gambling is massive business – from everything to football betting to bingo. You can play slot machines online for real cash, and the earning potential here is seriously huge.  You might think the game is all down to luck, but there’s a plethora of websites that can offer you slot machine tips and tricks  to maximise your chances of winning.     
  5. YouTube Channels. Set up your own YouTube channel and start adding content.  This is similar to blogging in that it does require time, effort, and a certain amount of skill (Or, you could just get lucky and accidentally capture a video that goes viral of you falling into a puddle, a cat jumping on your head, etc).  You can monetize your videos which means YouTube will post ads on them, but you’ll need about 10,000 views before you start seeing any dollar.  Or, you can get sponsorships from brands.   Last year, the top YouTube earners made up to 15 million USD. Pass us the video camera.

Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg of the potential the internet holds for money making.  Nowadays, almost any skill, hobby, or goods that you have can be monetized to an extent – you just need to be creative and look for what’s out there.