When it comes to getting a tan, there are healthy ways to go about it and there are unhealthy ways to go about it. For the sake of your skin, check out the tips below on how to obtain a safe tan every time you want that sexy bronzed glow.

Apply a Tanning Product

Rather than getting into a sunbed or sitting out in the sun, applying a safe tanner to your skin will give you the appearance of a tan that you are looking for, without any of the risks associated with exposure to UV rays. A great product to try is Skinny Tan, which provides you with 7-day coverage in a formula that will not leave behind any embarrassing streaks. If you want a tan quickly and you don’t want it to last for weeks or months at a time, this is a great way to get the look that you’re after.

Always Use Sunscreen

If you are planning on laying out in the sunshine for a while, make sure that you apply a high quality sunscreen that will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. However, do not merely rely upon SPF on the product label to determine how effective and protective a sunscreen is. Instead, the product should provide broad spectrum protection against UVA rays as well. Stick with products that are SPF 30, as they will filter out 97 per cent of UVB rays.

Know Your Skin’s Limit

Whenever you spend time in the sun, know what your skin’s limit is. There comes a point when your skin will be unable to produce any additional melanin, which is responsible for your tan. Typically, the cut-off time for melanin production is around two or three hours, though individuals with fair skin will have an even shorter cut-off time. Beyond this point, you are only making your skin more susceptible to UV damage, so it’s best to head indoors.

Take Breaks in the Shade

You can take breaks while you are tanning in the sun in order to reduce the amount of UV intensity that your body is being exposed to. This will reduce your risk of getting sunburn as well, so you will be able to achieve a healthier tan.

Never Use a Sunbed

Finally, never use a sunbed, no matter how tempting it might be when you want to have a tan in the middle of the winter. These are dangerous because they actually produce the wrong UV, which is UVA. Exposing your skin to high levels of UVA rays could increase the risk of developing skin cancer by a whopping 75 per cent. And sunbeds hardly produce any UVB rays, which at least offer the benefit of stimulating your body to produce vitamin D, so it really is best to avoid them completely.

With the handy tips above, you can obtain a healthy tan that you will love to show off, and you will rest easy knowing that you are taking good care of your skin in the process.