From New York and Los Angeles to Austria and England, street artists are saying a lot about Donald Trump without speaking a word.

Soon after Trump announced his presidential candidacy in June 2015, works criticizing the reality TV personality began appearing on the walls of endless alleyways and avenues. Wielding equal parts satire and spray paint, street artists started expressing their anxieties for the world to see.

More murals, posters, and stencils have been created since, and now public proclamations of distaste for the president can be found all around the globe. With these works of art, the ubiquitous anti-Trump sentiment extends beyond words.

Below, we’ve collected some of the most extraordinary artworks so far. We entirely expect to add to this collection over the coming months and years.

1. Donald Tramp (Vienna, Austria)

Austrian street artist TABBY created “Donald Tramp” using spray paints as her primary instrument. When describing her piece to Huffington Post, she explains that the work is “all about how good old Donald will do anything for attention.”

2. Ronald McTrump (Detroit, MI)

While the artist of this masterpiece is unknown, we can clearly see the hidden metaphors in the Trump/Ronald McDonald analogy. The love for performing, the obscene amounts of makeup, and the extremely unhealthy scourge on America are just a few of the parallels we can draw.

3. Trump Dump (New York City, NY)

New York street artist Hanksy knew no better way to communicate that Trump was full of shit than to depict him as just that — a giant pile of crap. The mural first appeared in Manhattan’s Lower East side last summer, and actually lasted throughout the entire campaign, surviving half a year of city officials threatening to fine the building’s owner unless it was removed. Sadly, the monument was finally whitewashed just a couple weeks ago.

4. Trump as Adolph Hitler (Bristol, England)

English artist Pegasus stirred up quite a reaction (to the extent that he received death threats) when he depicted Donald Trump as Hitler-reincarnate.  In response to the threats, the artist boldly claimed, "“I will never give in to fear mongering, nor will I ever be censored.”

Although Pegasus primarily paints the streets of London, the creative is originally from Chicago. “I am American and I believe in freedom of speech and artistic freedom of expression,” he proclaimed.

5. Make Everything Great Again (Vilnius, Lithuania)

This mural by art designer Bonanu depicts American President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the midst of a passionate make-out session. This intense instance of romance was painted upon the wall of a Lithuanian barbeque joint in May 2016.

6. Orange Supremacist (San Francisco, CA)

While the true creator of this artwork is unknown, we suspect the great street artist Banksy may be behind this gem. Never before has a painting so effortlessly touched on the issues of bigotry and excessive bronzer use.

7. Drumpf (Phoenix, AZ)

Artist El Peezo seamlessly blended Trump with Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt on a wall in downtown Phoenix in early 2016. The “Drumpf” gold chain seems to be a nod to the campaign #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain, created by Last Week Tonight host John Oliver in a plea to cut the larger-than-life personality down to size.

“The Donald is pop culture,” El Peezo told Phoenix New Times. “He is a character, not a real person. I suppose that is the underlying theme behind this piece.”

8. It’s All Fun and Games… (Brooklyn, NY)

In November 2016, Jeff Rothberg’s famous “It’s All Fun and Games” poster was spotted on a Brooklyn alley wall. Let us take time to appreciate some of the finer elements of this artwork — the tic tacs Trump uses before every sexual assault, the Dr. Evil hairless cat and pinkie formation, and the infamous Hitler armband and baby moustache. Truly a comprehensive piece.

9. Don’t Feed the Trolls (Vienna, Austria)

Aforementioned Austrian artist TABBY painted “Don’t Feed the Trolls” just before the presidential election. Tabby had grown frustrated that Trump could “say anything and the more that people get angry and talk about him because of it, the more known and stronger he becomes,” she told Huffington Post at the time. And Tabby was absolutely right, but powerless to stop it. His fellow trolls essentially memed Trump into the presidency.

10. Rape Trump (Tijuana, Mexico)

On a stretch of the US/Mexico border in Tijuana, the Indecline collective created an enormous mural of Trump with a ball gag stuffed in his mouth and the words “RAPE TRUMP!” written above. The work also features instructions on how to get to Trump Tower from Tijuana.

The group’s creative director told Vice that the art “was in direct response to Trump calling Mexicans ‘rapists’ and claiming that ‘The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people – their criminals, drug dealers, and rapists – into the United States.’”

11. Loser (New York City, NY)

This poster, hung by an anonymous artist and found on an avenue in Manhattan, depicts Trump as historical patriot Uncle Sam. The word LOSER stands out beneath the character, and can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Losing honesty? Losing hair? Losing the popular vote? We may never know.

12. The Cock Grabber (Stockholm, Sweden)

Artist Herr Nilsson created “Cock Grabber” under a bridge in Stockholm in response to Trump’s repulsive comments about women, particularly his affinity for “grabbing them by the pussy.” Perhaps to symbolize women grabbing back, famous female superhero Catwoman delivers a power kick to Trump’s testes.

13. The Fire of the Resistance (Tabasco, Mexico)

The unknown artist of this Mexican mural likely chose its location on the wall of a migrant shelter to appeal to families in the midst of immigration. Beside an upturned image of North and South America, the phrase reads, “Trump will be the one who lights the fire of the resistance of the people.”

14. Love Trumps All (Vienna, Austria)

TABBY’S Trump-inspired stencils have been plastered across the paveways of Vienna. “Trump is everything that’s right and wrong with America and the world,” TABBY told The Huffington Post. “He’s the American Dream of being super wealthy and saying what you want, while being totally out of touch with reality.”

15. We Shall Overcomb (London, England)

In the midst of a killer clown crisis, an anonymous artist graffitied this piece upon a London dumpster of the real killer clown. The artwork’s title, “We Shall Overcomb” is doubtless in reference to the most powerful comb-over the modern world has seen. A bottle of hairspray contributed to styling it each day is likely a major contributor the global warming Trump denies exists.