You can do lots of things with lots of things, the possibilities are endless. To do so, all that's needed is a little creativity, a few minutes of your time, and the ability to just try, even when the idea sounds less than brilliant.

Which is why we spent a few weeks making wine from leftover Otter Pops — and you should too.


We had roughly 500 Otter Pops still sitting around in storage from last year’s Rooster Hill Block Party, so we decided to turn them into something valuable instead of taking up precious intern space. After ripping open a couple dozen green Otter Pops, we filled a reused glass jar for step uno.


Then, we added about 4 cups of sugar to the concoction (more if you’d like a higher alcohol content), heated it to just before boiling and stirred until dissolved. After it cooled to room temperature (important), we tossed in a packet of yeast bought from a local homebrew store and pitched it in the jar according to the packet’s directions.


Make sure to secure a type of air-lock system (less than $5 at that same homebrew store) or other device to let gas escape. If you don’t, you’ve made a bomb and we had nothing to do with your poor life choices. Next, the 4-week wait. This is where the magic happens. Patience, it’s a virtue.


There it is, your very own pruno. You can very well drink it warm, but it tastes far better when it’s had an opportunity to ‘chill’ for at least half a day. If it isn’t sweet enough (the yeast eats most of the sugar), add Stevia packets or a little table sugar. If it tastes like vinegar, you failed and the batch is ruined. Start over. Enjoy.