We consult nutrition experts on preemptive methods to preserve ourselves in the most effective ways possible.

We often take for granted the amorphous organ resting somewhere inside our cavernous midsection, inflicting trauma on it through our insistent fulfillment of daily vices. Truth be told, the liver is the only thing separating us from one beverage too many and a rapid multi-system meltdown, so it’s important to look out for the old guy every once in awhile. Since renouncing our vices is out of the question, we consult nutrition experts on preemptive methods to preserve ourselves in the most effective ways possible.


One answer to your liver’s sputtering functionality lies at the local Indian restaurant or baseball stadium. Turmeric, the agent responsible for the bright and unabashedly yellow coloring in curry and mustard, also roots its history in Chinese and Indian systems of medicine. The herb acts as an anti-inflammatory healer, purging the body of toxins and protecting organs including your dilapidated liver, which it helps through the regeneration of liver cells. As for stepping foot in an Indian restaurant when hungover, that’s your call.


Among many other reasons why the fleshy green fruit should be a part of your daily nutritional intake, avocados contain healthy fats and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make them a rockstar for any heavy-handed drinker or the liver that persevered through a regrettable weekend bender. In a recent study, Japanese researchers found that out of 21 fruits, avocados ranked the highest for containing a compound that protects the liver from damage. Goodbye, salsa. Hello, guacamole.


If you drink, you need zinc. This essential mineral found in meats, dairy, nuts and beans plays a vital role in enzyme reactions throughout the body. In the liver, zinc fosters a healthy environment for the liver enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, to break down alcohol into less toxic substances. Do you see where we are going with this? Good. Turn your liver into a finely tuned alcohol disposal by Alex-Rodriguez-ing your Smirnoff Ice diet with zinc supplements.


Water is the obvious remedy for alcohol-induced pains, second only to avoiding alcohol altogether. Before you scoff in kitschy disagreement, we want to remind you about the preemptive qualities of a liver cleanse prior to the destruction and devastation of your giant organ. Proper amounts of water bring more nutrients to the liver and help flush more toxins from it. If you’re not properly hydrated, you risk gallstones, which occur when liver bile builds in the gallbladder. And that, friend, is a pain worse than anything.

Brussels Sprouts

One of the many members of the beloved Brassica family, Brussels sprouts share their liver-protecting traits with other vile plants such as broccoli and cabbage. The magic behind the tiny green balls lies in the high amounts of the naturally occurring antioxidant glucosinolate that literally forces the liver to produce an enzyme to protect and serve the organ much like you force yourself to take one more shot of cheap rum. Eating one to two servings of Brussels sprouts a day is all it takes for a healthier liver. Hey, we never said protecting your liver would be easy.