Look at them all naked, just sitting around, taking each other seriously and having normal conversations like no one in the room has a boner.

Europeans are apparently so jaded by nudity that they can carry on a college class like everyone's tits and penises aren't out. Oh, Europe, you bad girl!

A Hungarian class at the University of Kaposvar's art school decided to go nude in protest of a stringent dress code put in place by their school's president last Thursday. The dress code included bans on excessive makeup, miniskirts, cleavage, and flip-flops (we're totally backing that one). Some students stripped down to their tighty whiteys, while others thought, "Fuck it," and got totally naked. We'd explain to you how that went, but lucky for you, there's a video.  So while you watch this, we're going to go have a word with Doug Benson.

God, Europe, you're so cool! Can we sit with you?