As the devastation brought on by Hurricane Irma continued to rise, 6.3 million residents of Florida were ordered to evacuate their homes. Some were lucky enough to find a hotel with vacancy, or an open room in the homes of their relatives. At least 100 of Florida’s residents found refuge at Paradise Lakes Resort — a clothing optional hotel.   

Just north of Tampa the 72-acre property has become a safe haven for those displaced by Irma’s fury. Jerry Buchanan, the owner of the resort, made it his priority to house as many people as the property can bare.

“We will let anyone in that needs a place,” Buchanan told Newsweek. “We have a full kitchen to feed people, and a rather good sized generator.”     

What the property lacks in clothing it gains in kindness. Buchanan says he made this one private resort open the public and will not charge a day-rate. Its clothing optional policy remained in effect during this time, however Buchanan noted that most people chose to remain clothed.     

Paradise Lakes Resort is known for allowing its visitors to have a stress-free visit, and now more than ever these Florida residents are in need of that reputation.     

Other resorts followed suit. The Caliente Club in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, is another nudist resort which opened doors to the clothed and unclothed.     

The assistant general manager of The Caliente Club, Anastasiia Chyruk, added, “We are opening our aerobics room to community residents and they can sleep in there.”  

In addition the resort is transforming their banquet room into a shelter. As of September 9, The Caliente Club is still welcoming guests onto the more than 100-acre property with nothing but naked kindness.