Call us old fashioned; but we’re still pretty desensitized from all the off-city music videos we watched growing up that featured nothing but the LA skyline or the mean streets of New York. Aside from the violent crime scenes portrayed on thirteen channels of nightly news, we didn’t really see our city’s image represented anywhere else on the tube.

That’s kind of the allure to some of the local music videos shot around here; is that you recognize things like RTD bus ads or holiday décor on the City and County Building. They’re more familiar and bring out a level of comfort for the viewer, regardless the artist or melody. H*Wood’s new visual treat for his single “First Light” has that and a bit more.

And really, we’re suckers for tattooed and beautiful women. The thing could have been a disastrous train-wreck and we’d probably still enjoy watching it for that addition alone. Luckily for us and every other onlooker, the memorialized song is a hit. H*wood puts down a concise flow on this one about the strength and power within that we all can use to lift others up when things get dark. It’s a tune dedicated to those lost in the Aurora theater shootings, and couldn’t have been any more tasteful or appropriate.

Like H*Wood says:

This ain’t a dance song, but get your dance on. Take your time and celebrate where you came from.