Article disclaimer: This piece is not an accusation of guilt. This is meant to explore some extremely strange similarities between Ghislain Maxwell and the Reddit user r/Maxwellhill — one of the platform's most prolific moderators. It's up to you, the reader, to come to your own conclusions.

These are just the facts. 

*This article was updated on 7/9/2020 with new information. 


Reddit has over 330 million active users. The social media platform is often referred to as the ‘Front Page of the Internet’ and for good reason: it is one of the most comprehensive sources of compiled news on the internet. It offers opportunity for discourse and debate, and exposes people to content and opinions which they wouldn’t otherwise hear from mainstream media outlets.

Subreddits like r/Worldnews (which, in and of itself, reaches 24.5 million users) could be considered one of the biggest news publications in the world. The New York Times by comparison, only has 5.8 million subscribers — that’s for online and in print.

Now, on Reddit, each subreddit (sub) acts like its own little local community, with rules specific to each, and moderators who enforce those rules; who basically get to decide what gets posted and what doesn’t. Moderators can have a lot of power — particularly when they’re “modding” for such massive and far-reaching subreddits as r/Worldnews.

Thing is, you never know who the moderators are. They are usually just anonymous users who volunteer to help regulate content and discussion on their sub. Some users mod for multiple different subs.

One such user, u/Maxwellhill, actually moderates for nine different subreddits — r/World news; r/Travel; r/Health; r/Economics; r/Environment; r/Cyberlaws; r/Enviroaction; r/greed; r/Bad_cop_no_donut — all of which are huge sources of news and information on Reddit. Collectively this mod was moderating content for almost 34 million users through those platforms.

Gizmodo even went so far as to call this person, “The most successful man/woman on Reddit” in 2011.

And, truly, it is an interesting account. u/Maxwellhill has the eighth highest karma of any Reddit user (14,854,977 internet points!); since 2006 they were one of the first users ever to hit 1 million Karma points; their trophy case is packed to the brim with obscure Reddit awards. Their posts almost always do really well, garner a lot of attention and get people commenting/engaging with the topics they post about.

Topics that range widely from endangered eagle species, to Youtube censorship, to lengthy explanations of why child porn should be legal

Screenshot courtesy of u/nafka.

u/Maxwellhill also diligently corrects people on the age of consent in different countries; and complains about how strict child-protection laws are.

Screenshot courtesy of u/nafka.


Screenshot courtesy of u/nafka.

u/Maxwellhill has even been accused of corruption by users, who say this moderator auto-deletes mentions of their own username and several other very select accounts; and often reformats and editorializes headlines.

And, perhaps most notably, this extremely popular user and far-reaching moderator has been posting multiple times a day, almost every single day for the last 14 years, since the account was created — right up until July 1st, 2020. On that day, this account went radio silent and hasn’t been heard from since.

Which, just happens to be the day that lady Ghislaine Maxwell, the co-conspirator and partner in crime of Jeffery Epstein, was arrested in New Hampshire by the FBI.

Strange, isn’t it? But, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. This could all be a huge coincidence. Couldn’t it?

Perhaps. But u/Maxwellhill’s reddit account history also has some very interesting gaps in it. For instance, when Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother died in 2013, there is an unusual three-day gap in u/Maxwellhill’s near-constant posting/commenting/moderating activity. And, when the CEO of Reddit, Ellen K. Pao recalled seeing Maxwell at a Kleiner Perkins party in 2011, again, there is another mysterious three-day gap in the account’s activity.

And, since this theory has come to light, there have been a number of posts linking Maxwell to u/Maxwellhill, which have gained a lot of traction and made a big splash in subreddits like r/Epstein, r/Conspiracy, r/TrueAnon. Many of which were pulled down and commentors were banned from subreddits en masse, as if there was a concerted effort to snuff this conversation out instead of disproving any of the claims. 

A single screenshot from a Twitter post has surfaced, suggesting that r/Maxwellhill recently responded to a DM someone sent them about these accusations. In the screenshot it appears that u/Maxwell replies to the inquierer, dismissing the accusations and claiming that they are too busy with work to respond to them. Here is the DM (notably, from another moderator of r/Worldnews, u/Hasharin):

But it does seem strange, that someone who's been posting almost constantly for 14 years (and who was so concerned about privacy they were allegedly deleting any mention of their username), suddenly can't be bothered to address these many and serious accusations. One might expect an actual response from the account holder — some statement to clear their name of pedophilia — a denial, a declaration of innocence, a simple "LOL you idiots" would even suffice. 

However, there has been nothing. Not a peep. Not even so much as an upvote since the day Ghislaine Maxwell was taken into custody for her involvement with Jeffery Epstein’s child sex trafficking empire.

Again, this isn’t confirmed. (Not yet, anyway.) But it is a very interiguing premise. Whoever this user was, they were an influential force on Reddit — particularly on the subreddits they modded, and particularly on the larger, more influential subs like r/Worldnews and r/Economics. This person is (or was) essentially an editor-in-chief for one of the largest news websites in the world. 

If u/Maxwellhill is actually Ghislaine Maxwell pulling the strings of media and information on Reddit, there’s no doubt that she had an agenda behind her posts, and the way she modded those subs. (Which, u/Maxwellhill certainly seems to have had. This user is constantly making political posts about censorship, cybersecurity, privacy, climate change/sustainability, religion, and of course, child pornography laws and age of consent.)

For some background on Ghislaine’s family: her father, Robert Maxwell, was a hugely successful media proprietor in Europe during his life, who controlled some of the largest news outlets and businesses of the time. He also had deep ties to the Israel military-intelligence group Mossad (and was suspected of having been a spy for them). He died under extremely suspicious circumstances in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1970.

Maxwell’s two sisters are both deep into the tech/surveillance/security sectors, as well. In fact, they both helped found one of the first big search engines, Magellen Web Search Services.

Her sister Isabel Maxwell, was the CEO of Puresight (formerly iCognito Technologies) — which is an online child safety security company out of Israel. And before that, Isabel worked for CYREN, an Israeli email and security company. And her sister Christine co-founded an “on-demand, massively-scalable” data-mining and intelligence company called Chiliad (who’s technology is used by the FBI’s counterterrorism data warehouse).

So, we have the daughters of a suspected-spy and media mastermind, (who are all deeply connected to security and surveillance technology businesses) one of which is a co-conspirator in the largest sexual black-mail and elite pedophile scandal in modern history.

Could u/Maxwellhill, one of the most influential mods on Reddit, who pushed a pro-child-porn, pro-privacy, pro-cybersecurity agenda and who actively tried to scrub mention of their account from the internet, actually be the one and only Ghislaine Maxwell?

Take a look and decide for yourself. Because, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Ghislaine or u/Maxwellhill any time soon. 

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(Big thank-you to u/nafka and u/TheGrainLantern for doing much of the research presented in this piece. Keep up the badassery.)