When Steve Bannon was arrested last year for defrauding donors to Donald Trump’s border wall, it seemed like a fitting end for the Brietbart editor-in-chief turned White House chief strategist. The general consensus among Americans on both the right and the left was the same: Fuck that guy — lock him up.

Bannon had not only been banished from the Trump administration White House, but as it turned out, he and several accomplices were actively skimming hundreds of thousands of dollars off the top of a border wall fund, crowd-sourced from the MAGA crowd. It was a fraud scheme against Trump’s own people, the people who Bannon had helped to mobilize on the 2016 campaign trail. It was a direct affront to the MAGA philosophy behind Building That Wall — it was like stealing from the Church — the Church of Trump.  

Well, in one last final middle finger to his own followers, Donald Trump granted Steve Bannon clemency for his crimes. He got a presidential pardon. Which, to anyone who truly believed in Donald Trump and his plan to build a border wall enough to donate to its construction, is a big, blatant, “Fuck You.”

Interestingly, neither of Bannon’s co-conspirators received a pardon, suggesting either, that Donald Trump still has a soft spot for Steve Bannon, or Steve Bannon has something he’s holding over Trump’s head.

Or, maybe he just had enough money to buy a pardon from Trump…

After all, Steve Bannon is fucking loaded. This guy has his fingers in all kinds of media and entertainment pies — including owning a percentage of Seinfeld (yes, the show) which is still paying off. According to Forbes Bannon is worth $48 million.

Which begs the question: what the fuck was he doing skimming a few hundred thousand dollars off the top of a border wall fund? That fund had raised over $25 million, and while we don’t know the exact amount that Bannon is responsible for having stolen, we do know that it was less than $1 million — split three ways. At most that’s $333,000…. To someone who’s worth approximately 144 times that, it would seem that the crime wasn’t worth the time.

Se la vie.

While we’ll likely never know all the details or motivations behind Bannon’s border wall fraud scheme, what we know for certain is that he is now a free man — once again — thanks to Donald Trump. Just proving how much #45 actually cared about the people who loved him and supported his xenophobic platform.