In the world of tattoos, most artists specialize in styles like American traditional, sacred geometry, Japanese, tribal, or realism—but anime is a fresh new style that’s been mixed into the palette. Naturally, as a generation of anime fans matures into adulthood, they want tattoos. They want their favorite Manga panels or characters from shows like My Hero Academia or Cowboy Bebop just as much as the next guy wants a skull and dagger. Lucky for those fanatic fans, artists like Tashy are stepping up to the plate and absolutely smashing anime tattoos out of the park. She loves anime, her clients love anime, and the tattoos she’s bringing to the table put that mutual adoration on full display. And the end product? Happy, happy clients with super badass art. 

How long have you been tattooing and where did you start?
I've been tattooing a little more that 2 years outside my apprenticeship, September 2021 was my 2 year mark. I started looking into an apprenticeship when I was 18 (I'm 28 now) and have had 5 apprenticeships in 3 different states including New Mexico, Pennsylvania and finally here in Colorado. 

How did you get into tattooing anime?
I've always loved the art style of anime and other cartoons from when I was a kid and now as an adult. When I started mentoring under my boyfriend Van (@vanxtattoos), he encouraged me to push the anime style since I liked it so much. Since then, it's all I do! He has always supported and motivated me with this style from the very beginning. I also love mixing anime/pop-culture with other tattoo styles such as American Traditional, Neo-traditional and japanese. 

What is your favorite part about that style of tattoo? What draws you to it?
My favorite part about this style of tattooing is that there are so many different anime art styles and lots of ways to make a piece unique! It comes in so many different forms whether it's drawn very simple or super detailed. It's very fun to work with! I think anime is so beautiful and love that my clients feel the same way! I also love the fact that someone can love an anime or show so much that they want to get it permanently on their body. To me it shows that something that can seem "silly" or "immature" to some people can mean something much more to other people, like the people who get my tattoos! (: 
Do you have a favorite anime character/style to do?
I wouldn't say I have a favorite character or show since there's such a crazy variety. But my favorite style would definitely be mixing anime with a tattoo style! (American Traditional, neo traditional or japanese). 

What is your process like for designing a tattoo?
My process varies depending on what the client wants. If a client wants a specific manga panel, my process is as simple as adjusting the original reference photo a little to make it more "tattooable" like making a speech bubble larger or adjusting some lines, then making a design straight from the reference. If someone wants a custom piece, I use a variety of reference photos of the character(s) to find a composition that I like then create a sketch based off that. Afterwards I refine my line drawing and do a little color rendering. Most importantly, I make sure I design something to flow well with the body part! 
What was the best advice/tip/guidance you've gotten about being a tattoo artist? 
The absolute best advice I've ever gotten about being a tattoo artist is "don't ever get attached to design or piece of your artwork." This is important as a tattooer because of a lot of reasons. Maybe a client doesn't come back to get it finished, maybe the piece doesn’t fit the suggested area that you original wanted. And of course, once a piece is finished, you may not see it in person again. Another reason to not get attached to a design is you always want to improve your artwork with every piece that you do. Never settle on a piece of art, always improve and get better!