It’s been over half a year since we in Denver said goodbye to our dearest hip hop head Gustavo “Input” D’Arthenay. During his time spent here (growing up and performing) he managed to carve himself in as a staple to the music scene and push forward other artists that still continue to make music here. This morning he dropped his new single “P.S.C.D.” along with a few friends: Colorado locals Reason The Citizen, Caleb Slade and San Jose, CA resident Skylar G.

And just like mom’s warm buns…wait, that didn’t sound right.

Take two: And just like the freshly pulled homemade buns out of mom’s oven, the track is hot, new and freshly cooked for your enjoyment. What’s even better is that the download is entirely free. Consider this a gift from them to you for whatever holiday it is you use as the excuse to ditch work, drunkenly berate family and buy unnecessary gifts for.