As you all probably know by now, President-elect Donald Trump (allegedly) loves singin' in the golden rain. Competing in water sports. Visiting yellow Niagara.

… Plain and simple, dude's got a pee fetish. Or, at least a still-unverified document says he does.

The whole internet's up in arms about it. Heard of #peegate? Of course you have. Four days after the news of his involvement in a debaucherous piss party with Russian prostitutes broke, it's still the biggest story on the internet.

Yet, while this revelation about Trump's private piss party is certainly interesting, it's not exactly shocking. Actually, it makes perfect sense. From a psychosexual standpoint, it's not uncommon for people in positions of power — people like politicians, celebrities and oh, say the next President of the United States — to have sexual desires involving the unique brand of control play and humiliation that urination fetishes offer.

In fact, people who exhibit a high degree of control in their public lives tend to find things like the submission and humiliation of being peed on to be an arousing therapeutic release, since it allows them to subvert their typical roles, take a break from calling the shots, and let someone else take the lead for once. Conversely, it's also pretty normal for people who feel like they don't have a lot of control to want to pee on someone else, as that can signifiy dominance.

In the case of Donald Trump though, what he's accused of doing is not peeing on someone or being peed on — it's watching people pee, a subset of urine fetishism known as "piss voyeurism." This type of so-called perversion can be particularly attractive for someone with a lot of power, control and status in their public lives because it allows for the purposeful sexual manipulation of something shameful; something that could potentially embarrass them or call into question the power and control they have. In Trump's case, urine is that thing.

Urine is typically associated with poor hygiene, incontinence, disability, childish behavior or an otherwise vulnerable position, all things someone like a politician would understandably be ashamed of being seen embodying. By flipping the script in a sexual setting where he's in control of the urine and what happens with it, it's not hard to imagine how a man like Trump could feel a little randy about the whole situation.

In fact, his insistence that the Russian piss party didn't occur because he's a "germaphobe" is perfect evidence of this. If he's disgusted by germs, and urine is (mistakenly) associated with them, it would make crystal clear sense that he could control his so-called germaphobia in a sexual setting by playing around with the very thing he's afraid of.

Actually, this is something most of us do when we engage in sex acts that are considered deviant — they're hot precisely because we can play around with the roles they have in our lives in a controlled setting. Take spanking or choking, for example. Both these things qualify as assault in most contexts and are dripping with negative stigma, yet we capitalize on that in the bedroom when we consensually experiment with them. Just like choking your partner might be illegal in public, but super hot in bed when its consensual, piss play is disgusting and unhygienic in most situations, but hot in a consensual sexual setting where you have control. Either way, you're flipping the script on something taboo and making it work for you.

Prominent sex expert Justin Lehmiller has a more in-depth theory to explain why our tendency to do this arouses us so much. Dubbed the "self-awareness theory," it says some people are attracted things like masochism, voyeurism and humiliation because it provides an opportunity for psychological escape — that is, pain, embarrassment or disgust serves to distract us from everything else that's on our minds that might interfere with sexual performance. To put it another way, these so-called deviant sexual interests might be a way of helping people lose themselves in the moment.

… And what more qualified person than a politician (or a celebrity) to have those desires? With the intense and unrelenting responsibility they have, and the knowledge that half their constituency usually despises them, what better way to dissociate from the cold grip of reality than to escape into a sexual practice like urination? Or BSDM or voyeurism or roleplay for that matter?

This theory also falls in line with the findings of a new paper by researchers Joris Lammers and Roland Imhoff which presents the hypothesis that high-ranking executives like Trump are more turned on by fantasies involving sexual submission than the people who work under them. They base their theory on extensive existing research that reveals social power — having control over others — reduces inhibition. It also makes people in that privileged position feel less accountable and vulnerable. Together, these side effects of influence power work in tandem to make a person more prone to experimenting with less normative, more extreme forms of sexuality.

Yes, you! Like piss play!

Because of this, it's no surprise that so many well-known politicians and celebrities have been come out about their love of playing with pee. One of the best-known examples of this is Ricky Martin, who told Blender he "enjoyed golden showers." The actor Andy Milonakis and host of MTV’s ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’ also told People Magazine he liked the feeling of “warm urine” on his chest during sexual intercourse, and it was recently just discovered that Havelock Ellis – one the founding fathers of sexology – was aroused by the sight of a woman urinating.

Even more telling is the secret 1943 report from America’s Office of Strategic Services (forerunner of the CIA) which labeled Adolf Hitler an “impotent coprophile” (poop fetishist). He was also alleged to have forced his niece Geli to regularly urinate on him, yet another unsurprising overlap between history's most reviled dictator and our President-elect.

It's not like you have to be rich and famous to be into piss, though. Plenty of us normies partake in water sports — one of the few studies on urophilia reported that 36.5 percent of people who identified as "kinky" had experimented with piss play or did so regularly.

That last point begs an important caveat, though. Despite the fact that I'm arguing that an interest in urine fetishism is an understandable thing for a powerful figure to have, I also want to point out how much of a relatively mild act it is. When it's a consensual event between of-age adults and the person peeing doesn't have a urinary infection, piss play is actually one of the safest and easiest kinks to explore. Pee is nothing more than a mix of water, salts and something called urea — which gives it its characteristic smell and color — but it's actually sterile. Urine is such an inoffensive fluid, in fact, that people routinely drink it for its health benefits, a long list which currently includes acne treatments, youthful rejuvenation and curing cancer, to name a few.

If only urine also cured megalomania or just spontaneously combusted the genes responsible for bigotry and cruelty … then Trump could literally bottle that shit. It's be like sexual Gatorade for the soul.