A new, exciting way to get drunk, you say? We're there!

Man, getting hammered is the best. As we've discussed earlier, having two drinking automatically adds 10 points of happiness to your life. And honestly, just about everyone could use an extra 10 points right about now. 

And since that's just two drinks away, let's get after it. But since we try to theme our drinking, it's a lot more fun to drink Negronis this week, because someone told us it's Negroni Week. 

But what the hell is it? We're used to Keystone Light and jagerbombs, so we'd never really heard of this fancy cocktail. 

Apparently, it's just three things.

Campari: A bitter orange liqueur from Italy. Tastes awful by itself. 

Sweet Vermouth: A fortified wine with sugar added. Tastes awful by itself.

And lastly, gin. Tastes like boozy pine needles.

When you mix them in equal parts, add an ice cube and an orange twist, you've got yourself a Negroni. It might be the most adult, fancy-ass cocktail that we've ever drank, but be warned — this is a bitter bitch. The Italian palate is oriented a little more toward the bitter end of the spectrum, so the "Big Gulps of Vanilla Coke"-loving Americans out there are gonna have a hard time with this one. You'll look fancy, but it's an acquired taste.  

But best of all, it's apparently for a good cause. If you get hammered on Negronis this week, a portion will be donated to local charities or something — most notably at The Kitchen Upstairs in Boulder. We're there.