Welp, can't argue with science. Cheers …

We already know for absolute conclusive scientific fact that Justin Bieber's music ruins pretty much everything, include appetites — but researchers in the UK may have found another fascinating link between music and taste. According to new research, even though beer is pretty delicious on its own, listening to your favorite track might enhance the flavor of it. Double dose!

In the experiment, The Brussels Beer Project teamed up with the band Editors and gave willing participants its new porter-style beer collaboration. The first group was given the hooch without a label and in a completely silent room. The second was able to enjoy it while listening to the band's new album In Dream (oh, I see, this whole thing is just a marketing ploy). The group with more visual and auditory stimulation rated the beer higher on the delicious scale than those who missed out. 

This isn't something that's completely new, however. In earlier tests, researchers performed a similar task with wine. Respondents claimed that the same wines tasted sweeter when listening to classical music. They concluded that "listening to the appropriate classical music can enhance the overall experience associated with drinking wine."

Really, it's all about perception. A bland bottle with no music in a stuffy room is bound to create an awkward experience for anyone, it's just less exciting. Though, put a few dudes in a jam-filled venue and slap a fancy label on the bottle, there's bound to be an increase in satisfaction all around, thereby making the beer appear to taste better. Life is what you make of it. 

But, hell, we'll take it. There's a big bottle of Crown waiting for us in the breakroom labeled "research" itching to test this theory on other types of booze. We'll get back to you on Monday, after the flavorful moral and ethical hangovers subside.