Now you can finally gain muscle while getting drunk. Thanks, science!

We've all been there: just finishing up with a punishing workout on a Friday afternoon, and you wanna get drunk. But you also wanna get that post-workout protein in before you lose the magic "one hour" window. And mixing chocolately power shakes with booze is a recipe for disaster. We've tried it. 

That's where Supplemental Brewing comes in. Now, you can start pregaming for your night without even changing out of your gym clothes. 

This is the rundown from their Kickstarter:

Supplemental Brewing is a startup brewing company that specializes in making beers that not only taste great but also meet your fitness goals. We believe that everyone in America should be able to enjoy a cold protein beer after a hard workout, and we are asking for your help to make that a reality. By backing this project, you will help start the fitness beer revolution.

They're planning on two different beers. The first is for you average drinker:

And the next is for people watching their carb intake. 

We're totally down. 

They're still a long way from their goal, so give their Kickstarter a little love if you're someone who enjoys drinking heavily immediately after leaving the gym.