We're well aware that most pop-stars in the industry are usually just half a voice and a pretty face. That’s why it’s so thrilling when a genuine artist covers one of their songs, rendering the plastic useless. Sorry, but it looks like Rihanna’s time in the spotlight is catching its first dim – and from an unlikely source.

Jared Leto, the 41-year-old actor / musician and his anthemic rock band 30 Seconds To Mars, recently went in to the BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge and took the single “Stay” by the throat and beat all former life out of it – reviving it in a way very few can. Admittedly, Mr. Leto always charts well on our "would-you-rather" lists, so we may be a bit biased here when we make such proclamations.

The jury is still out, but after watching this clip, we’re all but positive Mr. Leto wins in the “Stay” game.