This world we inhabit is full of unanswered questions.

From the agendas of both religion and the government, all the way to the existence of Big Foot and Loch Ness — we can’t help but to explore the unknown. And if we’re lucky, we all get to enjoy a couple of fruit loops preaching the existence of homosexual aliens sent here to steal our babies and raise taxes in the unending quest to find answers.

Some theories, however, are well articulated with support from credible witnesses. Others, they make us wonder what a swift kick to the throat may do for their senses … Hey, we’ve all thought about it. Right? The point here, is that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t escape the urge to figure out, to the very best (and detriment at times) of our abilities, these universal anomalies.

Here, we’ll take a look into a few of the most outrageous and hysterical conspiracy theories around today. We’ll explore the evil within Denver International Airport and look into curious ideas about Taylor Swift and Jay Z. Is gravity really just a toxic substance here to kill us all?

The Mysterious Denver International Airport

When you think of Denver International Airport, what's the first thing that comes to mind? That's right! Swastika shaped murals that depict an alien takeover.

This is just one of the many ideas associated with the location. Some theories are said to even predate the airport itself. Other conspiracies include: Gargoyles that are meant to signify a new world order (Illuminati), as well as the existence of a secret tunnel meant to house billionaires in the event of an apocalypse.

Obama Controls the Weather

The Internet has made more than its fair share of accusations toward our former president. He's the Antichrist, a terrorists sent from Al Qaeda, not born in America, and … capable controlling the weather telepathically?

According to a piece written by The Atlantic, a certain group in Oklahoma claim — and think they’ve proven — that when Obama was ever in political high water, natural disasters soon followed.

Siri Predicts the End of the World

Are robots taking over the world? Not yet, but they apparently can predict the end of days. According to Cult of Mac, when asked about the date July 27, Siri will reference the same date in 2014 as the “Opening of the Gates of Hades.” Siri can also be heard referring to May 14th of 2005 as the day we entered Hell.

Gravity is a Toxin

Here we have an all around gem from conspirator David Wolfe and his belief that not only is gravity just a toxic ideology introduced to us by Carl Sagan, but that because it is completely psychological, it can be used to cure arthritis. Sweet!

Chip Implants for Everyone

Aside from those who believe we are already living among the end of times are those who believe the government plans to introduce a chip (much like the one vaguely aforementioned by The Bible in the book Revelations) that will forcibly be injected into us.

It doesn't help that the tech industry has pitched for a chip similar to this … without the heavy religious undertones of course.

Hillary Clinton Died, the Government Covered It Up

It all makes sense now. Hillary Clinton died long before her run for the presidency — but because the world needed the public figure, the government replaced her with a body double … Maybe even a member of the royal lizard family?

Jay Z the Time Traveling Vampire

There is just something about us “normies” always holding celebrities to a higher standing, here's proof:

According to an article published with, Jay Z has, over the years, made a number of references alluding to his centuries old existence. This theory is of course backed by the countless allegations tying Mr. Z to the Illuminati. Can I get a …

Taylor Swift is a Satanic Cult Leader

It's no secret that Taylor Swift can be a savage when it comes to relationships, but is she secretly the head of a satanic cult? The Internet thinks so, according to The Sun.

Spawned from an observation made regarding a striking resemblance between Swift and a former high priestess within the Satanic Church, the interwebs have been buzzing over this possibility.

Justin Bieber is a Shapeshifting Lizard

The skeptical communities went ablaze when thousands of fans took to online boards sharing a stunning transformation in Justin Bieber. And by that we mean, he turned into a frickin lizard. Also, tons of people (allegedly) witnessed the incident according to MTV.

From pictures seemingly showing his eyes turning black to claims of his head shrinking in the process, the likelihood of this one occurring is … slim … but still. A lizard man!

The Beatles Never Existed

And finally we have one to really screw with you. The Beatles, may have never existed. At least, that's according to, a website dedicated to uncovering the mass conspiracy that were our beloved “Hey Jude” crooners.

The claims include complete media control with the arbiters swapping band members out for body doubles at will. In short, we may never know what truly fuels these guys, or if there may be some real basis that the rest of us are incapable of seeing.

Either way, we can all continue as spectators in this crazy world of what ifs. Won't you join us?