Oh, Jeb. You should've known better than to try to look like a badass. 

The last few days of anyone's failed presidential campaign are always the most depressingly fun. Ol' Jeb's clearly on his way out — and that was the most obvious back when he had to beg people to clap for him at the New Hampshire primary … poor bastard. 

You can almost imagine his campaign advisors shrugging their shoulders and saying, "Fuck it." And now, in a last ditch effort to appeal to gun nuts, Jeb tried to post about how much he loves 'Merica with this gem of a tweet:

As you can imagine, the Internet would never let a softball like this just slide past the plate. The trolls pounced immediately.

Jeb tried to backpedal as best he could. "The purpose was we went to a gun manufacturing facility where lots of jobs are created, high-wage jobs. And I received a gun and I was honored to have it," he told reporters near Leesville.

Some used their words, while others got a little more creative:

Time to pack it in, Jeb. The Bush dynasty won't be getting a three-peat.