Jim Carrey seems to be going through some strange times right now.

All one has to do to get an idea for the famous comedian’s current mindset is peruse his Facebook page, where he posts a lot of his personal art.

But be warned: what you’ll find in there is not for the politically faint of heart. If you are a Trump-loving, red blooded republican you probably won't like what you'll see.

The 56-year-old Canadian actor seems, at present, to be engrossed in a world of fear and loathing. He’s wrapped up in the darkness of these political times, tied and tangled in the heartache of the Trump-era, and it’s evident throughout his artwork.

Here’s a tickler:

Almost all of his art is politically bent, and bears a wicked resemblance to Ralph Steadman’s iconic Gonzo style. You’ll find portraits of politicians like Lindsay Grahm (pictured above) and Paul Ryan, or paintings of Trump sawing off journalist’s limbs (below), or even of Trump spoon feeding the beholder a pile of steaming Russian shit.

The art is powerful, no doubt. And it conveys a pretty clear message: Mr. Carrey is not a fan of Donald Trump. And he doesn’t give a damn what people think about his portfolio.

You can probably imagine how Facebook responded these paintings. Even just a quick dip into the comment section and you’ll want to go take a shower after. It’s ugly in there.

The MAGA crowd came crawling like maggots out of the woodwork to voice their opinions.

Some of my favorites:

“You are hated just as much jim carrey. You stupid stupid stupid pig. You don't like President Trump, GET THE HELL OF THIS COUNTRY jim carrey. No wonder you don't show respect for the President you don't have any respect for self. You have always been a total loser. You are disgusting pig.” – Linda Slechter

“Just another liberal Hollywood has been idiot trying too stay relevant. One day maybe they'll realize that most of America doesnt give a shit what they think!!! Idiot!!! Hey Jim, why dont you take all your hollywood idiots friends that said they were gonne leave the country if Trump won back to Canada with ya!!! None of you will be missed. I PROMISE!!!!” – Darwin Turbyfill

Total Anti American , Anti Freedom piece of shit. Fuck at least this asshole wouldn’t talk when he was all drugged up. Fuck you Jim #TrumpArmy.” – Michael Scott

“What happened to you? You have become a Nasty man with no regard to mankind. Making fun of people’s less Than perfect Face is sad, hurtful, uncalled for and certainly what Jesus wouldn’t want you to do. But, if you worship the devil which it appears you do I guess making fun of peoples Face and flaws thereof is your choice of sin. I pray for you Jim, you have become very sad, unfunny, unentertaining, and worthless. I will never see one of your movies again. Or watch you on a talk
– Patty Walker

And so forth. You get the picture.

Of course, not everyone was so butt-hurt by Carrey’s art. Many people love his paintings, find them funny, and relate to them. They voiced their opinions too (but those aren’t the fun comments to read).

Regardless, it seems like Carrey has maintained his ability to polarize people. Only now, he isn’t doing it with his films or at the box office, he’s doing it on social media with his own paintings.

You have to respect the man for putting himself out there like that. For expressing himself and exploring his own passions, ideas, and interests through art. Whether you like his films, his art, or the person Jim Carrey has become since he slipped out of the lime-light, or not, it’s hard to ignore that his art is genuinely good even if it is a little bizarre, and even if it does rub you the wrong way.

And if it does rub you the wrong way: get over yourself. Trolling a celebrity's Facebook profile isn't going to make your miserably thin skin any thicker.