The internet's favorite human specimen has gone from delivering punchy lines to getting punched in the face … Okay then!

Jon Stewart recently retired as host of Comedy Central’s infamous Daily Show, and now has loads of time on his hands that he's not quite sure what to do with.

Understandably, he's been accepting some odd jobs to pass the time … Odd jobs such "Unqualified, confusingly cast WWE wrestler," for one.

Just last weekend, the king of late night satire took his turn hosting WWE’s pay-per-view event Summer Slam, but hosting wasn’t all Stewart brought to the table.

Johnny boy himself actually joined in on the festivities and decided to hit human-potato, John Cena, with a chair only to be inevitably leveled by the 15-time WWE champion the following night on Monday Night Raw.

Why is he doing this? We don't know. But it's mildly entertaining.

Watch as the revenge-seeking wrestler gives the non-wrestling, former talk show host an “Attitude adjustment.”

We really have no idea what's going on with Jon Stewart's career at the moment, but if there's one thing we're sure of,  the man can still act. Why he's choosing to flex those skills on the incredibly pedestrian stage of a WWE tournamet is beyond us … but what can we say, the camera loves him. Almost as much as it loves watching a burly man kick his ass … oh wait, that's just us.