This whole case is bananas if you ask us.

In a devastating blow to narcissistic animals everywhere, a California judge announced he will dismiss an ongoing copyright lawsuit between an especially sexy Indonesian monkey and a nature photographer.

Back in 2011, a monkey named Naruto felt especially sexy one day and decided to document just how good he looked. Having grown up in a popular nature reserve, Naruto is no stranger to hamming it up for the camera. But human photographers just don’t understand how to make a monkey look sexy …

So, Naruto did what any self-respecting macaque would do. He grabbed one photographer's camera and went to business. Eventually, the camera 's owner posted the photos online. They went viral – proving Naruto was right all along, and he was looking especially lit that day.

Eventually, high-priced attorneys for PETA came to his aid (of course they did) and filed a totally non-frivolous lawsuit in his honor.

In a display of boundless integrity, PETA then decided the "company" was entitled to all royalties from Naruto’s photo shoot. Judge William Orrick fervently disagreed, and likely thinks PETA should stop monkeying around because Orrick, along with the US Copyright Office, says the case is frivolous and that animals cannot claim protection under copyright law.

This whole case is bananas if you ask us.