Juicy J comes out quick this week, saving us the struggle of long weekdays ahead with his new mixtape.

You know the feeling — and you’re probably riding in the passenger seat of it with us right now — where it’s a few days after a long weekend, everyone's still getting back into the groove of work or school, and all that’s needed is some good tunes to pick your ass up from dragging all over the floor for the rest of the week.

It looks like Juicy J wanted to swoop in and help out, because yesterday it was announced he’d be dropping his mixtape "100% Juice" (his second of the year) and here we are, less than 24 hours later and it’s out, ready for a free download. While it’s no full album (you know, like the “THC: The Hustle Continues” one we’ve been patiently waiting on for what seems like for-ev-er), it’s enough to tide us over in the interim.

What’s best is that it’s drenched in his old school Three 6 Mafia vibes, while blending new-school editions like Wiz Khalifa with old hats Project Pat and Lil Wayne on features.

Bump this Juicy J, the true savior of long weekdays.