There’s a place on the corner of Pearl Parkway and Frontier Avenue in Boulder that’s soon to be a’buzz with artists, musicians, circus freaks, coffee geeks, beer lovers and families.

If you’ve ridden your bike or driven by you’ve probably noticed it: a green building trimmed in yellow, with a towering scrap metal giraffe peering over the back fence.

That’s the Junkyard Social Club — or it will be soon enough. As early as this summer, the inside of that old printer building will become a lively cross between a coffee bar, a biergarten, a concert stage, a daycare, and an art venue. It will be the most “Boulder” place in all of the Boulder Bubble — not just because it brings all of those elements together under a single roof; not just because all of their art will be upcycled; but because (as their website says) the Junkyard Social Club also a non-profit organization “committed to putting quality of life above the bottom line.”

And, of course, by night it will become a circus rave party extravaganza.

But the visionary Boulderites building this dream out of junkyard flotsam-and-jetsam, need their community’s help. They’re raising money to help finish turning this “rebel museum” and “adventure playground” into a reality. As of this writing they’ve almost raised enough through their GiveButter page to build the indoor café — but they still need money to build their interior play structure and provide scholarships for their daycare and summer-camp services.

Creators Jill Katzenberger and Sharon Reiter both have backgrounds in education, and are bringing everything they’ve learned over their 45 collective years of experience in ‘STEAM learning’ to the Junkyard Social Club. And they’ve assembled a dream team of artists, burners, aspiring architects, landscape designers, teachers, and of course, circus performers to pull it off.

It’s a concept that the People of Boulder seem really, genuinely excited for.

“This is going to be so awesome!” Commented one donor.

“Let the good times roll!” Said another.

“Good Luck Junk Yard Social. We Love the concept and can’t wait to see the place open up.”

Donations to Junkyard’s startup fund can be made through GiveButter — and they don’t go unrewarded. Donors can get everything from a friendly elbow bump of appreciation, to private reservations of personal pods, all the way up to lifetime VIP access depending on how much they pitch in. Check out their website for more information on how to help the Junkyard Social Club get off the ground.