If you can’t pronounce them, simply sip, smile and nod.

Jolly Pumpkin
Dexter, Mich.

Since: 2004
Brewmaster & Chief Squeegee Operator: Ron Jeffries
What they are: La Roja (Sour Amber Ale) and No Ka ‘Oi (Sour Fruit Ale)
Other Fan Favorites: Bam Bière (Sour Farmhouse Ale) and Madrugada Obscura (Sour Stout)
Artist: Adam Forman (@dutchrubb)

When it comes to fancy names and shmancy labels, Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin clears the dark overgrown road of competitors. Each one in its library of labels can be considered Halloween décor, especially if you like to drink before accessorizing. Our favorites, however, are the La Roja Sour Ale (the cat is wearing a Napoleon suit!) and No Ka ‘Oi (so many spooky layers!). Brewmaster Ron Jeffries sure knocks it out of the cemetery with his unique collaborations, hard to pronounce names and captivating label art. 


The seasonal beer was a trend before the trend.

The obnoxious “pumpkin everything” fad isn’t the one to blame for pumpkin beers, the pilgrims are. You know the ones: funny hats, crude witch burning traditions, fleeing religious persecution and all that. Without having much access to barley, the square-toed settlers had to rely on what was available. And that was lots of pumpkins, pumpkin.