We laughed, and so will you …

Photoshop has changed our lives, maaan. In what other time period, aside from teenage girls in the '90s pasting magazine cutout heads of Backstreet Boys onto binders, has there been such prevalent media manipulation just for the sheer entertainment of others? Never. Never!

And by god, if we have this type of unparalleled technology, why wouldn’t we use it for pasting man-baby heads onto an actual baby — using the most hated couple on the planet for the models? We would, that’s the point. And somebody there on the Internet did! And titled the imgur gallery “Kim Kardashian just loves baby Kanye.”

We laughed, and so will you …

"No, no Kanye. Yew leave fingerprints."

"Sweetest kisses for mama!"

"Remember Kanye, those shoes are worth more than our driver's life."

"This is the hell we've created for you Kanye."

"There, there, Internet comments aren't real baby Kanye …"