We just don't know what to believe anymore …

We support all those lovely ladies out there gettin' their grind on, avoiding all that delicious, fatty food in the world so they can keep things trim and healthy. Since sitting and eating are our favorite activities, we totally respect any woman who has the self-control to not do only those two things all day long — and those "before and after" shots on Instagram always get a like from us. You go, girl!

Except when you realize that (like most things) a lot of before and after shots are a bunch of well-photographed lies, usually designed to sell you detox tea or some equal bullshit. 

And ladies have been pointing out how much malarkey there is on the Internet by shooting their #30SecondTransformation and #30SecondBeforeAndAfter photos, showing off how good posture and lighting can trick people into thinking that you've worked your ass off. 

Moral of the story? Keep working out and eating right — but keep in mind that 99% of what you see on the Internet is a lie, and you should never feel bad about yourself compared to other people.