Moral of the story? Stay single, get cats and die alone. It's better this way …

Even though the youths of today are having far less sex than their parents ever did, it's not for lack of having an incredible amount of options available. Tinder this and Bumble that, hell, the newer generation has a silver platter just waiting for them out there — problem is, using certain apps to hook up comes with less than a fulfilling meal. 

Think fast food, for dick. Or whatever.

Based off research presented at this year's Convention of the American Psychological Association, it's likely that most of the dudes using Tinder right now have serious issues with their self-esteem. 

The paper surveyed more than 1,000 college-aged men and women. Compared to non-users of the app, male Tinder users often worried about their images from an outsider's perspective. That is, they really care what others think of them. They were also more likely to have sub-standard feelings about the way they look. 

In contrast, women who use the app are more likely to view themselves positively than the males. 

Which, somewhat makes sense given the environment online dating comes with. For dudes, it's easier to talk to women through an app, to make the first move (even if we're really dumb and inappropriate while doing so, sometimes). Swiping right is a fuck-load easier than going up to a woman at the bar and sparking up conversation about why we like Mike's Hard Lemonade as opposed to a full-bodied ale. It just tastes better!

For ladies, online dating kind of bypasses that whole rape and murder thing that many are so afraid of when faced with aggro meat-slingers. It's a safer arena that puts them more in control. Granted, the paper doesn't go into any of this, but, let's be real — this is the way America works now. 

To be fair, one study in and of itself doesn't necessarily constitute causation via irrefutable evidence, and the sample size is relatively small considering the site boasts over 50 million users each month. 

Moral of the story? Stay single, get cats and die alone. It's better this way …