A lot of us here at The Rooster were put on this planet to be the ones to negate every little piece of worthless wisdom everyone’s learned while growing up. If it’s hot, touch it – it’s fun. If the walk signal is a bright orange hand, it means the sign wants a high-five and you have to dart to the other side as quick as possible to do so before the blue man salts your five-game. Also, judge every book by its cover, because in doing so you’ll always be right. No regrets.

This is exactly what we did with Los Angeles based new wave act UH HUH HER. We saw its name; decided it would be a good band to listen to and… voilà! We have a new favorite band. Aesthetically UH HUH HER looks really fresh when written out, but it’s also fun to say out loud alone or with a few friends. Sonically though, both Leisha Hailey and Camile Grey pulverize our ear holes with a poetic force that’s quiet and unobtrusive enough for a sullen or moody day. It could be most enjoyed, however, with one of our personal favorites – that is – doing the chill thing at the patio place.

The two were gracious enough to sit through our redundant barrage of questions before their April 27 appearance at the Walnut Room in Denver. We found that they’re kind, thoughtful and afraid of a few nosebleeds while in town.

“Future Souls” is out and done. How does that feel as an artist to finally be done with a compilation of work?

It feels cathartic…the end of 1 phase and the beginning of another.  It also feels slightly scary only because now you have to wait and see if people dig it, and also have to spend months on the road promoting it and playing it.

You chose to self-produce this one. Was the venture creative, financial or that you just felt it was the right thing to do for the album?

We like the fact that we are able to do things on our own without feeling bound by a specific producer. I suppose you could say it was a bit financial in that those types of people always come with a price or a percentage, and then you find yourself giving away part of your creative process for the sake of production value or a “name.” We are so lucky to have very talented friends who give us their help and production or mixing skills when needed.

Who would be your dream producer, living or not, to be able to tap for your next album?

Easy: Spike Stent.

If you’re at, say, the mall shopping, and somebody cuts in front of you while you’re walking, what’s your first reaction and what are you secretly thinking?

Cam: My first reaction would be to say, ”Hey man!  Watch your walking skills!”  I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself.

Leisha: I would roll my eyes and secretly think, “Jerkface”

Do you have a favorite zoo animal?

Cam: I prefer lions, but feel guilty seeing any wild animal in captivity. So I probably wouldn’t ever be found at a zoo in the first place.  #savetilly

Leisha: I love a polar bear.

You both live together and essentially work from home – writing, recording and managing the band. Is it hard to separate your home life with work life or have the two become so intertwined that you don’t really notice?

We don’t really notice.

What kind of injuries do you think musicians should be able to claim for workers’ compensation?

Cam: Good question! I think we should be able to get comp for back problems because when I’m on tour and playing a bass or guitar every night my back and neck kill me. Then I inevitably go home and have to do 10 adjustments to feel normal again.

Leisha’s quoted in UH HUH HER’s band bio saying that the song “Nuthin’ Without Your Love” is “a gritty sexual club song. Think of it as two strangers meeting and leaving together.” We gotta ask, in your mind, do the two strangers eventually fall in love, or does the relationship crash and burn terribly?

Anything is possible.

Are you excited to come to Denver to play for us?

YES! With the exception of Cam’s nosebleeds from the altitude.

What are some nice things you can say about Denver? (We love compliments)

We love the clean air, and especially being inadvertently in the mile high club.