Long live Gaga. Bow to her …

Lady Gaga made exactly zero dollars from the NFL for her halftime performance at Super Bowl LI. That's about $1.2 million less than she makes for regular shows. In fact, the NFL doesn't cover much else outside of production costs and expenses, explained NFL spokesperson Joanna Hunter of last year's show. 

But over 177 million people watched the Super Bowl this year, with 117 million of those able to hold in their pee long enough to sit through the legendary halftime performance. So where Gaga missed out on a paycheck from the people throwing the party, she cashed in huge where it matters. Her streams, and the value of her recently dropped album, Joanne, is making up for the loss in a big way.

Per Billboard, the boost in her streams were stellar, seeing a 605 percent jump of her entire catalog the few days after the Super Bowl. What's best, analysts expect the appearance to cradle the album from its lonely No. 66 spot on the Top 200 Chart to within the top 5 again — possibly even No. 2.

We'll let these fancy charts provided by the outlet say the rest:

It wasn't only Gaga that got the hookup from so many eyes on the tele, either — Luke Bryan, Imagine Dragons and Nina Simone all got their fair share of interest.

And no, it wasn't sheer coincidence she and her team announced a world tour mere hours after everyone chilled out from the historical win by the Patriots. Her two-year Monster Ball Tour in 2011 grossed $239 million. With the boost from an iconic halftime performance and having her name all up in headlines again, it's likely she's going to topple that absurd number no problem. 

Long live Gaga. Bow to her.