We mentioned last month about how it took us a while to get into the whole Lana Del Rey thing. But it wasn’t so much that we didn’t like looking at her – on the contrary, the woman is insanely gorgeous – it was just that her songs always seem a bit over-produced, under-thrilling and really had no place in the general genres to draw comparisons with. That’s kind of the point though with her and her music; and we’ll wholeheartedly admit that it’s not for everyone.

So if you’re like we were and don’t have much of a taste for her often sullen and downtrodden ways, grab a listen to Urban Noize’s take on the LDR craze. The recently released album is titled “American Beauty” and contains a series of remixes created by the Florida based production duo of Steve and Steven. Download it for free HERE or stream it on our widget below.

The task at hand was to seamlessly blend Del Rey’s vibe with Jay Z’s legacy and they’ve done it with about as much professionalism and creativity as any production team can. To our surprise the content of each artist’s catalog seems to have been filed through with precision and placed accordingly – making this one of the best remix albums we’ve found so far in our quest for Supreme Remix-Amalgamation!

Ok, that last part really isn’t a thing, but our word of the day pull-off calendar that we’ll soon forget about says that we have to use the word “amalgamate” at least once today. It’s the second day into the new year and already we’re winning 2014. Boom.