What do you get when you combine the creative power of two brothers and the California sun-soaked hippie mentality? An EDM duo that’s garnered over 1 billion streams worldwide, collected 200K+ Soundcloud followers, and a plethora of rabid fans anticipating the groups next big remix or original banger.

The guys from Hippie Sabotage are bringing their unique chill vibes to colorful Colorado and we wanted to put the dirty hippies through a lightning round of everyone’s – well, our mom’s – favorite new game show, Final Words. From weed smoking to Subway love, Hippie Sabotage simply wants to burn it down. 

The last thing I ate: 
Breakfast Sandwich"

The last thing I regret eating:
"Whole box of goldfish."

The last thing I do before I go to bed at night: 

The last time I fell in love: 
"Last time I Went to Subway."

The last time I played Colorado:
"Snodaze tour. January."

If it was my last day on earth, I'd… 
"Smoke all the weeds."

The last time someone did something incredibly kind for me:

The last thing that goes through my mind before taking the stage:
"Crazy, Crazy Crazy."

The last impressions I'd like to leave on the crowd:
"Crazy, Crazy, Crazy."

The last best piece of advice someone gave you:
"Work hard and be open to positivity."

The last musician that really impressed you:
"Nick Jonas and Jack Blacks 'Jumanji' song."

Any lasting words of advice for readers:
"Burn it down."

Hippie Sabotage plays the Ogden on February 17th and Boulder Theater on February 18. Check it out cool kids, you won’t be disappointed.