As we all could’ve guessed, law students are the worst …

We like to think of art majors as being beautiful, imaginative creatures with terrible organizational skills and debilitating megalomania, but how much truth is there to that stereotype?

A lot, as it turns out.

Apparently, your college major speaks volumes about your personality type, and a new study has the science to prove it.

Anna Vedel, a psychologist from Aarhus University in Denmark, analyzed 12 separate studies to pinpoint particular personality traits unique to individual college majors/fields.  Vedel’s research looked at the so-called “Big Five” traits: neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

Here’s what her research found about what each major type is like …

Arts and Humanities majors:

  • A tendency to lack organization.
  • Less conscientious than students in fields like science, law, or engineering.
  • More likely to display neuroticism.
  • Broad range of intellectual interests.
  • More actively imaginative.
  • More introverted.

Economics, Law, Engineering and Business majors:

  • Less imaginative than arts and humanities students.
  • More extroverted.
  • A preference for less variety in their daily lives.
  • Not a broad range of intellectual interests.
  • Less likely to exhibit neurotic behavior.

Of course, creative business majors and conscientious art students exist … we just have yet to meet them.

Based on the research, law and business students were far less agreeable than students in any other major. This explains why people in law school are most likely to only hang out with other people in law school at a party while only discussing being in law school.