Lebron does it all: paints, plays basketball and even sings karoake when the night club mood is right. In his new Nike Ad, Lebron takes on the charismatic Bob Ross roll of skilled painter and asks the viewer to send in their designs for a chance to be on a Nike t-shirt. First, Lebron shouldn't paint – or sing karaoke but when you're Lebron James, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Second, we're sick of the interactive commercials. Just because the user feels involved doesn't mean it's not the same old marketing bullshit. We used to look under the caps of soda bottles for free shit but then they started putting only codes under the cap which you had to then go online to enter for a chance to win. Can't Lebron just show us the shirt he wants and which Nike will most likely pay for and get it over with? 

Lastly, it's sad that even Lebron knows how awkward it must be to mention 2 time champion like he's a real big deal when his legacy demands he must have at least 6. If he wants to muff punch Michael Jordan, he'll need four more of those bad boys.