These freedom fighters are tired of hiding their true identity. They want the world to know exactly who they are. 

When a certain group of people can do something and another can't, that makes the first group feel special. And people love feeling special. But when you extend those rights to everyone, the first group of people get pissed, because now their special activity isn't so special anymore. 

Ironically, a certain group of vocal Catholics are sick and tired of sharing their special rights with anyone else. Marriage should only be between a man and a woman, because they say so. Gay marriage, though legal across the country now, really pisses them off. 

Can you believe the oppression that this ethnically diverse group has to face now? Have the tissues ready for this. 

They're not afraid anymore. 

And then these clowns come along and make a parody video, mocking the pain of a group of religious people responsible for the death of millions. We can't believe it either. 

We're laughing too, but only out of complete anger.